Songer Services Logo

Hard Work.
It's in our DNA.

50-year steel industry legend Paul Songer established Songer Services in 2003 as a global expert in integrated steel outage response—a no-nonsense reliable company obsessed with providing expert heavy industrial contracting services. Today, the Songer team utilizes this same DNA to establish new markets and advance their industrial footprint, never losing sight of the Songer Way.

Same Principles.
Same Passion.

“The Songer Way” represents our bedrock value and our ironclad company principles: Hard work. Unparalleled craftsmanship. Unrivaled safety. Personal integrity. Fair play.

Today's executive leadership team members proudly bear this standard for the next generation.

Paul Songer.
Our Founder.

WW II Veteran. Journeyman bricklayer. Integrated steel innovator. Industrial contracting visionary. Passionate family man. The heart and soul of Songer Services.

Today’s Songer is no different than yesterday. Just bigger.

Joe Meneskie.

U.S. Army Veteran. Union craftsman. Project planning innovator. Industrial processes pioneer. Joe is the hardworking, experienced engine that drove Songer Services.