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Construction Inspection Using BIM, Drones, & Thermal & Infrared Scanning.

Certainty At Every Stage Of The Job.

Our technology for pre-construction, in situ, stage-by-stage building and job closeout inspections is focused on establishing, maintaining and promoting a safe, compliant jobsite. 360 degree building information modeling, three-dimensional modeling, thermal and infrared scanning, licensed drone inspection, and animation software help our full time inspectors meet regulatory requirements.

What We Bring to the Job:

  • BIM modeling analysis
  • Licensed drone inspection
  • Thermal and infrared scanning
  • Full preconstruction reporting
  • Materials inspection and testing
  • Materials tracing and tracking
  • Conformity and collaboration for requirements with ASME, etc.
  • Pre-construction, in situ, stage-by-stage and final inspection

Not Technology For Technology’s Sake.

We map locations of weld bolt ups using our BIM software. Drones go where inspectors cannot easily go. 3D models reveal interferences from drawings to field conditions. Animation software virtually analyzes pressure testing for different systems and previews installation techniques.

Our technology has a defined purpose and benefit, and helps support an array of necessary certificates and code clearances necessary to start work and keep on working. And our inspectors work seamlessly with Songer’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs.

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There’s nothing in the universe of integrated steel manufacturing that we haven’t built or repaired before. We are blast furnace innovators and proven experts.

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Oil Gas and Chemical

We’ve expanded into complex industrial construction environments that power the present and forge the future. Our steel pedigree fits perfectly in new frontiers.

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Heavy Industrial

Our evolution has led us to apply our heavy industrial contracting expertise and innovation to greenfield installations. We can build darn near anything, now.

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