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All About Staying At Work And Keeping Things Running

Decades ago, Songer developed a reputation as a world-leading emergency outage repair and maintenance specialist for blast furnaces, coke ovens, thru walls, boilers, refractory….  We could expertly fix, build, replace or maintain virtually anything that could go wrong in integrated steel.

Maintenance: An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

On-site project management. On staff engineers. 100% Union crafts. Trademarked safety protocols. And quality control checks from start to finish that help you restart faster or stay running longer. So whether you hire us to build from start to finish, or need us to fix, replace or maintain your industrial jobsite, there’s nothing different about hiring Songer. 

Making Accidents Preventable.

We leave nothing chance from start to finish on an industrial construction job. Our trademarked M.A.P. safety protocols work in lockstep with daily activity sheets to see to it every area within a project makes progress every single day, safely and intelligently.

Something Not Working? Contact Songer.

A company with our experience, connections and hands-on construction knowhow is a maintenance partner that can help you save time and money by reducing downtime or returning to operations safely and quickly. We don’t change a thing while in maintenance mode.

Today's Songer is no different than yesterday. Just Bigger.


There’s nothing in the universe of integrated steel manufacturing that we haven’t built or repaired before. We are blast furnace innovators and proven experts.

Our Capabilities

Oil Gas and Chemical

We’ve expanded into complex industrial construction environments that power the present and forge the future. Our steel pedigree fits perfectly in new frontiers.

Our Capabilities

Heavy Industrial

Our evolution has led us to apply our heavy industrial contracting expertise and innovation to greenfield installations. We can build darn near anything, now.

Our Capabilities