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Code Compliance, Certification & Processes for Quality Assurance and Control.


No matter how stringent or specific your demands, quality assurance and control with Songer Services is a practical matter we incorporate into everyday life on the job. Our full-time personnel understand and execute their task through the focused lens of what the job requires—a robust quality system that accounts for the immediate, short and long-term tasks at hand.

What We Bring to the Job:

  • Preconstruction project planning
  • Detailed scope & statement of work
  • Multi-discipline QA/QC job plans
  • Daily task & safety meetings across active crafts
  • Compliance and code benchmarking with engineers, project leads, crafts, subs
  • Daily inspection (announced, unannounced) of jobs in progress
  • Non-destructive testing/mag particle and liquid penetrate
  • Punchlist development, status reports and project closeout
  • Communications, risk, procurement, schedule & staff management
  • Certified weld inspectors; weld – and welder – testing 

The Devil Is In The Details.

Our proven QA/QC systems ferret out potential problems or hazards without creating more of them. Our professional team is a jobsite fact of life that minimizes and mitigates risk while maximizing the efficiency, quality and compliance of the work being done daily.

And it’s not just our QA/QC personnel who feel responsible for every task at hand. Songer’s investment in 100% union crafts, foremen, full-time project managers, and civil/mechanical engineers means every single person on the job takes QA personally. Just like you do.

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There’s nothing in the universe of integrated steel manufacturing that we haven’t built or repaired before. We are blast furnace innovators and proven experts.

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Oil Gas and Chemical

We’ve expanded into complex industrial construction environments that power the present and forge the future. Our steel pedigree fits perfectly in new frontiers.

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Heavy Industrial

Our evolution has led us to apply our heavy industrial contracting expertise and innovation to greenfield installations. We can build darn near anything, now.

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