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The job profiles seen here are a small sample from a much larger body of work spanning decades of heavy industrial manufacturing construction. As you can see, it is a job list that has grown since we expanded our markets beyond integrated steel manufacturing to include heavy industrial contracting for oil, gas, chemical, civil and greenfield projects.


Rolling With The Pandemic Punches

Songer completes a complex multi-stage blast furnace reline and repair project on schedule without a single reported injury after a 6-month COVID-19 delay.

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An Outage as Opportunity

Songer used a scheduled U.S. Steel shotcrete outage to fully deliver an on-time, on-budget demo and replacement of a deficient Precon unit, scrubber & ancillary maintenance towers.

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A Down & Dirty Drainage Cleanout

The chain conveyor pits at the US Steel Gary Works developed a costly run-off problem over the years that was ultimately solved by Songer Services.

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Sometimes Ya Gotta Work The Weekend

Songer delivers rapid overnight turnaround for a boiler pipe replacement at an integrated steel works.

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Brand New Heater. Same Old Songer.

Songer’s past oil and gas fractionating experience comes in handy as we’re tapped to handle an HMO Heater build from the foundation up within a working plant in Ohio.

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A Big Move For A Hot Strip Mill

When the US Steel Gary Works needed three, 125,000 pound charging tables moved, Songer ingenuity was put to the test to keep things rolling.

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Maintenance Without Fanfare

Songer helps an integrated steel manufacturer keep its cool with a cooling tower fan and gearbox replacement for a hot strip mill at the Gary Works.

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Answering The Bell For An Outage

Songer executes a nimble emergency response and rapid replacement for a Large Bell failure in the #1 Blast Furnace at Edgar Thomson Works, Pittsburgh.

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We’ll Just Work Around You.

Songer builds a 200MMscfd Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant without interrupting operations at a Fractionation facility in Houston, PA

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Keeping The Fires Burning

Songer completes hot blast stove & hot main installation, stove repairs, and a furnace reline for the Edgar Thomson Works in Pittsburgh. Again.

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Foundations For Growth In Shale Gas

Songer plans, excavates and lays a new foundation for additional capacity within a busy and active gas processing facility in Majorsville, WV.

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