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  • image of water main break repair in industrial setting
  • image of water main break repair in industrial setting
  • image of water main break repair in industrial setting

Sometimes Ya Gotta Work The Weekend

Emergency Pipe Repair -- Boiler
Gary, Indiana

11:00 PM on a Friday night, and Songer’s phone rings somewhere in the Midwest.

Something’s wrong with the #2 Boiler at the US Steel works in Gary, Indiana—a pipe has broken underground.  Within hours, an emergency crew is on hand at the works, inspecting the location, determining the break point, and troubleshooting a close quarters dig between two buildings.  

The 8-inch #2 waste heat boiler return line had failed.

We hydro-excavated to expose the damaged pipe and isolated, shut off and locked out the pipe so it could be quickly cut out and replaced. We reactivated the line and tested the repair, backfilled the dig and compacted it with clean sand upon completion.

The boiler was only offline for approximately 5 hours in the middle of the night at the start of a weekend thanks to Songer’s on-call employee access and proven ability to respond to emergency outages intelligently and quickly.

A Down & Dirty Drainage Cleanout

The chain conveyor pits at the US Steel Gary Works developed a costly run-off problem over the years that was ultimately solved by Songer Services.

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An Outage as Opportunity

Songer used a scheduled U.S. Steel shotcrete outage to fully deliver an on-time, on-budget demo and replacement of a deficient Precon unit, scrubber & ancillary maintenance towers.

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We’ll Just Work Around You.

Songer builds a 200MMscfd Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant without interrupting operations at a Fractionation facility in Houston, PA

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