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Safe, Experienced, End-to-end Services For Deconstruction & Demolition.

Safely Managed. Efficiently Controlled.

Across the entirety of our heavy industrial demolition and site deconstruction operations, Songer combines decades of process experience with advanced engineered safety solutions to minimize personnel exposure to high-risk situations. The powerful tools and talent at our disposal are focused on a safe, cost-effective takedown that is expertly executed from start to finish.

What We Bring to the Job:

  • Needs analysis/assessments
  • Heavy equipment site planning
  • Deconstructed materials management/recycling/disposal/ salvage
  • Decommissioning services
  • Hazardous material management and M.A.P. safety protocols    
  • Heavy equipment setting/scaffolding 
  • Contract/Subcontractor management
  • Site safety perimeters/traffic management
  • Full cleanup and final reporting
  • Songer holds relevant individual demolition and asbestos removal licenses and necessary insurance requirements

Safety Above All Other Concerns.

We perform likelihood and consequence risk analysis to certify our hand-picked teams complete demolition projects utilizing best practices. Safe practices. And efficient, cost-effective, get-the-job-done-right practices that affect bottom line and jobsite morale.

Our decades of experience putting things together makes us uniquely qualified to take things apart. From engineering, modeling and site staging to heavy equipment and materials management, you can count on Songer to protect your assets during demolition.

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There’s nothing in the universe of integrated steel manufacturing that we haven’t built or repaired before. We are blast furnace innovators and proven experts.

Our Capabilities

Oil Gas and Chemical

We’ve expanded into complex industrial construction environments that power the present and forge the future. Our steel pedigree fits perfectly in new frontiers.

Our Capabilities

Heavy Industrial

Our evolution has led us to apply our heavy industrial contracting expertise and innovation to greenfield installations. We can build darn near anything, now.

Our Capabilities