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Staging, Platforms & Harness-Rigging for Industrial Scaffolding Installation.

Safe Frameworks for Operational Success.

We focus heavily on industrial scaffolding, platforming and harness-rigging because the environments we build in—and build upon—are often hazardous, cramped and active job sites. Our certified installers align their expertise with on-site engineers, full-time project managers and safety personnel to plan, shore, erect, platform and dismantle industrial scaffolding that sets the stage for success.

What We Bring to the Job:

  • Industrial scaffold supply
  • Certified scaffold installers & trained erectors
  • Plan, maintain & dismantle scaffolding and access systems
  • Innovative design scaffold services
  • Specialty suspension engineered scaffolds 
  • General carpentry services
  • Harness-rigging & redundant safety protocols

Unique Jobs Demand Unique Solutions.

Songer’s bedrock experience within integrated steel set the stage to become a top-notch constructor of industrial scaffolding that meets the need of tough jobs in tight places. Large jobs in open spaces. And within active industrial jobsites that can’t afford to miss a turn.

For metals, oil, gas, chemical and civil industrial construction, supported and/or suspended scaffolding is uniquely challenging. Songer plans, stages and then builds scaffolding arrays that maximize work efficiency while firmly establishing jobsite and worker safety as our ultimate concern.

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There’s nothing in the universe of integrated steel manufacturing that we haven’t built or repaired before. We are blast furnace innovators and proven experts.

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Oil Gas and Chemical

We’ve expanded into complex industrial construction environments that power the present and forge the future. Our steel pedigree fits perfectly in new frontiers.

Our Capabilities

Heavy Industrial

Our evolution has led us to apply our heavy industrial contracting expertise and innovation to greenfield installations. We can build darn near anything, now.

Our Capabilities