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We Believe in the Songer Way.

Our transparent way of doing business, our meticulously documented approach to each job, our obsessive commitment to safety, and our eagerness to be at the forefront of new technology and industrial processes reveal a company that’s built to last.

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We feel pretty strongly about:


It starts at the top, certainly, but at Songer we’ve built a culture that demands leadership from every manager, employee, craftsperson, or contracted company that accepts the responsibility of putting our name on their back or on their hardhat.

It’s a culture of no excuses and a belief in a fair day’s pay for a good day’s professional work. A culture obsessive about safety while exceeding expectations daily—while always mindful of the critical work-life balance necessary to keep workers sharp. From the top down, this is The Songer Way.


Songer Services is so obsessed with worker and jobsite safety that we’ve actually trademarked our safety commitment. Our Make Accidents Preventable™ (M.A.P.) Safety program is how every job begins.  And how every day begins, at every jobsite.

While project managers start each day with a daily task review, on-site safety managers present an analysis of the day’s potential hazards. M.A.P.™ is a daily commitment to making the task at hand both safer and more efficient for every worker having a personal stake in the day’s tasks.


Our company was built by a barnstorming union bricklayer after World War II. No surprise that our jobs are dominated by professional union crafts like bricklayers, boilermakers, carpenters, laborers, ironworkers, steamfitters, plumbers, electricians, cement masons, millwrights, operating engineers, Teamsters…

The reason we don’t swap in non-union labor is simple: There really is no substitute for the proven, deep experience of the union trades. And since that’s how we’ve operated for 50 years, we are intricately connected to the best of them all.


We’re loaded for bear when it comes to the technology tools that support and advance heavy industrial contracting—virtual application-based services, building information software, drones, 3-D modeling, animation software, infrared and thermal scanning.  

But it’s all just a pile of cool stuff without the right boot-on-the-ground approach using full time civil and construction engineers, professional surveyors, on-site project managers and safety managers, plus a dedicated staff of quality control professionals at every stage of the build.


Our company’s foundation is rooted in expert emergency outage repair and maintenance for blast furnaces, coke ovens and the complicated landscape of integrated steel manufacturing. But that’s only where and how our services began.

We’ve leveraged that “we can fix that or maintain that” mentality across the depth and breadth of everything we do in heavy industrial contracting. We are equal parts emergency outage specialists and long-term maintenance professionals who understand the value of a saved turn, an extended life cycle, and a well-maintained plant.

Paul Songer.
Our Founder.

WW II Veteran. Journeyman bricklayer. Integrated steel innovator. Industrial contracting visionary. Passionate family man. The heart and soul of Songer Services.

Today’s Songer is no different
than yesterday. Just bigger.

Joe Meneskie.
Our Chairman.

U.S. Army Veteran. Union craftsman. Project planning innovator. Industrial processes pioneer. Joe is the hardworking, experienced engine that drove Songer Services.