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Looking To Widen Your Industrial General Contracting Footprint? Define Your Value Proposition First.

Here at Songer Services, we’re in the process of completing a new capabilities brochure—a simple piece of company collateral we haven’t had “in hand” for awhile.

The brochure is something we can use as a leave-behind after meetings with prospective customers, as well as a tangible piece of documentation we can send to folks who may not understand just how diverse and experienced we really are. 

Certainly, we are industrial integrated steel maintenance and repair specialists. But as a consequence of our extensive and tenured experience, Songer Services is also an innovative, cost-effective and full-service heavy industrial general contractor.

Have we communicated that as well as we can?

Obviously, our brochure project has given us a good reason to take a long look at our value proposition. Not just what it means (and has meant for decades) to our integrated steel customers both here and abroad, but also what it means to us as a company with greater aspirations moving forward. It has been an interesting process—one that revealed a secret to our long-sustained business that we’d like to share with you. That secret is…

Relationships. Mean. Everything.

Here are five things we’ve learned by looking very closely at ourselves.

  • Familiarity with your market and environment leads to proven expertise that cannot be mimicked by other companies. Having worked in virtually every steel plant in the country, we are a known commodity—there is no substitute for successful project.
  • People in the industry come and go, but where they go is often somewhere else within broader industrial circles. If you establish sound relationships with industry people first, you will be better served in the long term if, and when, they move elsewhere.
  • Support for Union crafts on a regional and national level is no different than supporting and nurturing people within your own organization. The people you rely on to do the work, must demonstrably SEE that you are on their side.
  • Forging regional relationships with the best workmen, foremen, general foremen and superintendents allows you to extend your philosophy, without overextending your company. Find the “go to” guys across the country. And go to them again and again.
  • Knowing who the best managers are, and who the best salespeople are, help you to form relationships with intangible benefits. Namely? Saving time, or saving money. The best… can save you both. Savings you can factor into your project bids at the outset.

So what have we learned?

Songer Services is taking stock of what we value most, and what we do best. It’s no surprise that our long-standing industry and personnel relationships top our list. If we are going to serve a wider range of clients as a heavy industrial general contractor… Then relationships are where we will start.

By delivering on our promises—by demonstrating our value and proven performance on previous large-scale jobs (many spanning years!)—we can begin the process of building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that could lead to broader opportunities.

We are going to expand our industrial contracting footprint, in other words, by doing what we’ve already been doing for years.

Our unique value proposition? Relationships evolve from proven performance—not the other way around. Our reputation is (and always has been) only as good as the job we do, every day.  

Let’s talk Heavy Industrial General Contracting. Contact Songer Services Chief Operating Officer Gregg Preteroti directly at 724-743-5815 x114.