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Union Craftstmen planning session

The Songer Union Craftsmen

Songer Services deploys union trades, craftsmen, foremen and project supervisors on every job we do.

At Songer Services, our 100% Union affiliation and support is a badge we wear openly and proudly, and an approach to heavy industrial general contracting that lets our customers know every person on the job has been qualified for the job they’re about to do.  

Our reasoning is simple: That’s how we’ve always done business here at Songer.

“How many people these days take 4 years to learn anything? Performing 100% work with the Union trades assures our customers we’re providing credentialed, qualified craftsmen that go through a 4-year apprentice program--most of whom have several generations of family members that have gone before them in the crafts. This family atmosphere is closely linked to our core Songer principles.”
-- Songer COO Gregg Preteroti

Our Principles, and our Principals, are Hard-Wired to Unions.

Being a Union signatory is nothing new at Songer Services. Founder Paul Songer and President Joe Meneskie literally cut their teeth in the steel industry as barnstorming Union craftsmen at every level.

The relationships that began then across the country – with bricklayers, boilermakers, carpenters, laborers, ironworkers, steamfitters, plumbers, cement masons, millwrights, operating engineers and Teamsters – formed a foundation of excellence constructed almost entirely on our close, personal relationships with the most skilled craftspeople available anywhere, identifying talent and bringing them with us.

It’s no surprise those relationships have only grown and solidified over time, meaning Songer Services has ready and preferred access to the best people for the job at hand, all the time, everywhere.

Being Union Means Having An Extended Professional Family.

Perhaps the most unseen benefit of our Union signatory status is that we – both Songer employees and our vast network of Union industrial trades craftsmen and supervisors – all seem to “come from” the same place, even though we couldn’t be more diverse in our backgrounds and life stories.

Collectively, we represent an extended family of skilled workers who understand one another, and who all know that the measure of one’s self at the end of the day is the same, EVERY day.

Do the job correctly. Be a professional in every detail. Be proud of your work. And make certain every step has been taken to stage, manage and complete your tasks safely, so that everyone can go home to their families that day in one satisfied piece – ready to take on the next day’s challenges with equal gusto.

Give us a call to talk shop about an industrial contracting job – and we’re sure to have a compelling Union story to share with you.

Contact Lauren D. Keating, General Manager of Engineering & Projects to learn more.