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Foundations For Growth In Shale Gas

New Construction Within Existing Plant
Gas Processing Facility - Majorsville, WV

A gas processing facility in the heart of the Marcellus Shale play can’t afford to slow down when demand outpaces capacity and upgrades are needed to push out more cubic feet by the millions.

Songer laid the foundation for growth for the Majorsville V plant smack dab in the middle of a fully functional plant by first demolishing the existing foundations and excavating below grade, and surveying to establish new grade. RTS surveying equipment was used throughout the foundation build process.

In this instance, Songer acted as the heavy industrial concrete general contractor, not just for the planning, civil engineering and management of heavy equipment and union crafts, but for all formwork, rebar installation, pipe stem/piling supports concrete pouring and finish work to support the expansion of the facility.  

When completed, this addition to the facility added an additional ______ MMscfd to Majorsville V, and in spite of the delicate mid-plant location of the build, the project was completed on time and under budget without any safety incidents.

A Down & Dirty Drainage Cleanout

The chain conveyor pits at the US Steel Gary Works developed a costly run-off problem over the years that was ultimately solved by Songer Services.

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We’ll Just Work Around You.

Songer builds a 200MMscfd Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant without interrupting operations at a Fractionation facility in Houston, PA

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An Outage as Opportunity

Songer used a scheduled U.S. Steel shotcrete outage to fully deliver an on-time, on-budget demo and replacement of a deficient Precon unit, scrubber & ancillary maintenance towers.

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