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Brand New Heater. Same Old Songer.

New HMO Heater Construction Within Existing Facility
Fractionating Facility - Jewett, OH

One of the fastest-growing fractionating facilities in Ohio hired Songer Services to install a heat medium oil heater from start to finish within the existing operational plant without having to shut down operations. And with little advance notice or preplanning.

It was the type of project we’d done before for the parent company, and Songer Services took pride in being asked to come back at a new location to build something while a gas plant kept on running around us.

Our responsibilities included surveying for site control points and detailed layouts for excavation and concrete forms, civil work that laid out heater foundation, refractory installation, skid and piping supports for 5,000 LF of pipe with 14” Hot Taps at tie points, all rebar, grounding and pier formation plus eventual concrete pouring and finishing.

We followed this up with setting, construction, mechanical and electrical installation of an HMO Heater unit that would integrate into the rest of the facility on demand after full QA/QC of field welds, material handling and B31.3 Code Adherence (process piping).  

We were once again on time and under budget--even with an expedited schedule that cut into traditional preplanning time.

A Down & Dirty Drainage Cleanout

The chain conveyor pits at the US Steel Gary Works developed a costly run-off problem over the years that was ultimately solved by Songer Services.

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An Outage as Opportunity

Songer used a scheduled U.S. Steel shotcrete outage to fully deliver an on-time, on-budget demo and replacement of a deficient Precon unit, scrubber & ancillary maintenance towers.

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Answering The Bell For An Outage

Songer executes a nimble emergency response and rapid replacement for a Large Bell failure in the #1 Blast Furnace at Edgar Thomson Works, Pittsburgh.

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