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  • image of large bell recovery and replacement in furnace
  • image of large bell recovery and replacement in furnace

Answering The Bell For An Outage

Large Bell Recovery & Replacement
Blast Furnace - Pittsburgh, PA

Sometimes things just break.  In an integrated steel mill, this can be particularly challenging—so when the Large Bell at No.1 Blast Furnace at the Edgar Thomson works failed, US Steel tapped Songer Services to handle the emergency outage.  

It failed at the large bell rod, causing the Large Bell to fall into the furnace burden, forcing an immediate shutdown to the blast furnace—not a problem you see every day.  

Our roots in industrial general contracting are deeply set in maintenance, however.  Songer Services responded to the emergency by creating an end-to-end plan that allowed us to execute the Large Bell recovery while being immediately prepared for the furnace component rebuild necessary to return Blast Furnace #1 to start-up and iron production.

And while there was no specific timeframe or anchoring budget for such an emergency, we returned the furnace to operational capacity faster than originally thought possible.  The job required rapid planning, equipment setting, engineering services, heavy lifting and industrial construction using qualified union crafts.

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Songer builds a 200MMscfd Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant without interrupting operations at a Fractionation facility in Houston, PA

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Songer plans, excavates and lays a new foundation for additional capacity within a busy and active gas processing facility in Majorsville, WV.

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