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A Down & Dirty Drainage Cleanout

84 Chain Conveyor Dirt Removal
Gary, IN

No one wants water in the basement—especially when that nuisance costs you time and money in manned pumping stations to keep up with drainage overflow. That was the problem in the chain conveyor pits at the US Steel (USS) Gary Works, as years of runoff from rain and water trucks had completely clogged the drainage system.

Songer Services saw the civil project for USS Environmental Services as an opportunity to eliminate the need for manned pumping stations by simply restoring the long-plugged drains to their original intended purpose and function.

We excavated and removed the years of aggregated runoff buildup, restored the clogged drains to original operational capacity, backfilled with new gravel, re-graded the runoff area and compacted the zone.

The result simply restored the field to its original purpose of handling the runoff, and as a result, USS saved the cost of having manned pumps running in the chain conveyor basement.  

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