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  • image of a change table during installation
  • image of a change table during installation

A Big Move For A Hot Strip Mill

Relocation Of Multiple Charging Tables
Gary, IN

When the time came to move three, 62-ton charging table sections out of storage and spares and into action for the 84” HSM line, the Gary Works tapped Songer Services to handle the big move. 

Our familiarity with the Gary facility would serve us well and save US Steel money in the process, as we confronted the challenge of systematically and safely moving three, 125,000 pound tables—definitely considered wide loads.

We developed specialized rigging, equipment and lifting lugs for the move—deploying experienced union riggers and truck drivers to plan and execute the relocation without any safety issues or plant delays. 

What’s more, our move strategy included the use of the existing overhead cranes at the facility to both load and unload the massive tables, sparing US Steel the cost (and time) necessary to deploy large hydraulic cranes for the move.

The charging tables were safely staged for installation on schedule for a lower cost, and helped to keep the largest manufacturing plant in the US Steel family rolling.

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