#1 Blast Furnace Complete Reline - 2012-2014 U.S. Steel Edgar Thomson Plant - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Project Description: 

May 2012 - November 2014. Songer performed a complete reline of the #1 Blast Furnace as part of a 15-year operational campaign for U.S. Steel Edgar Thomson Plant in Pittsburgh PA. The project entailed a brand new hot blast stove, hot main, repairs to two additional stoves, and a furnace reline, including hearth wall tuyere’s, armor and furnace top. In addition, significant repairs were made to the material delivery systems, gas systems and air systems.

Project Result: 

Project was 100% completed during 58 day outage.  The project schedule was significantly decreased from the previous reline of 1997.  Because of the innovative approach of working on one stove during operations, and working the stove from multiple levels utilizing an elevator feed system,. Songer was able to minimize the cost impact to the owner by reducing the planned number of project days significantly.