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“Don’t be afraid to wear a little chip on your shoulder that says you can do the job better than anyone else. Offer a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. Done right. On time. On budget. And safely. And that’s exactly what you’ll accomplish.”

Joe M.

Joe Meneskie - Chairman

About Joe

If the fabric of industrial America has been woven in steel, then Joe Meneskie is undoubtedly one of its finest tailors. As possibly the only person on the planet with well over 100 documented blast furnace repairs to his credit, Joe has spent decades refining and defining the processes that efficiently and safely keep integrated steel factories up and running.

After completing his military duty in the United States Army in 1974, Joe began his career as a union craftsman within the steel industry. His hands-on experience led to supervisory positions that allowed him to apply his firsthand knowledge in new and innovative ways. He developed unique execution strategies and project-planning methodologies that saved time and money for big steel—while creating a culture of daily on-the-job safety and personal responsibility that resonates with his current company to this day.

Under Joe’s leadership, Songer has also expanded its construction expertise to include oil, gas, chemical and civil construction projects from start to finish—while still being guided by the virtues and values he developed as a union laborer 40 years ago.

He became Chairman for Songer Services after serving as President and CEO since 2006. In 2022 Joe hung up his hard hat and retired from the board.


On every job, every day, Songer jobsites utilize Making Accidents Preventable™ (M.A.P.) safety protocols to ensure every working member of every team has a full and clear understanding of the potential hazards that particular day’s work might bring.  Equally important, crafts and crews know exactly what equipment and procedures are necessary to safely accomplish that day’s work.

Over the years, Joe Meneskie refined and developed this set of daily safety protocols in close concert with company founder Paul Songer. The two men believed it was so comprehensive and important an approach that they applied for, and received, a Trademark for M.A.P.™  that is on every booklet.

Joe's Professional Associations:

  • The Association of Union Contractors – TAUC
  • International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
  • American Iron and Steel Technology
  • American Iron and Steel Institute
  • Association of Iron and Steel Engineers
  • International Masonry Institute
  • International Council of Employees
  • American Institute of Structural Engineers
  • Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association
  • Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania
  • Member: Association of Iron and Steel Engineers

Today's Songer is no different than yesterday. Just Bigger.

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