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Carrie Furnace Stack Preservation

Stack Preservation Project For Historic Carrie Blast Furnace Connects Big Steel History To A Promising Future

History was re-made during the summer of 2017 as heavy industrial contractor Songer Services performed a vital vent stack preservation project at the Carrie Blast Furnace – a National Historic Landmark in Rankin, PA.

Emergency Steel Manufacturer Maintenance

Songer Goes To Serbia: Collapsed Sinter Conveyor Puts Steelmaking Operation In Jeopardy.

A shriek of metal and gears as a vital conveyor system fails within a steel plant in Radnic, Serbia. The collapse means critical downtime and significant emergency outage repairs for one of southeastern Europe’s leading producers of tin, steel and hot and cold rolled steel products. Their solution? Call an American company 5,000 miles away to do the job right.