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Lauren Keating -  Manager of Engineering & Projects, Songer Services
Feb 1 2017

Lauren Keating Promoted to General Manager of Engineering and Technical Services As Songer Services Continues To Expand Its Heavy Industrial Contracting Footprint.

PITTSBURGH, PA — Effective February 1st , 2017, Lauren Keating will assume the position of General Manager of Engineering and Technical Services at Songer Services in Washington, PA. The promotion validates Songer’s ongoing efforts to expand and maintain its industrial contracting footprint and its dedication to the team’s advancement in technology and best practices. With this promotion, Lauren will now report directly to Gregg Preteroti, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.

Songer Union Craftsman
Sep 2 2016

The Songer Union Craftsmen

There’s a reason why the Union trades are called “crafts.” Across the entire spectrum of ironworkers and boilermakers, carpenters and electricians, bricklayers and cement masons, Teamsters, laborers and more—a Union professional has reached a level of proficiency at his or her job that represents earned membership. They are proven craftsmen. That’s why Songer uses and develops these craftsmen on every job.

Lauren Keating -  Manager of Engineering & Projects, Songer Services
Jul 7 2016

Songer Services Adds Engineering Project Manager Lauren D. Keating To Expanding Company Management

Lauren D. Keating has joined Songer Services of Washington, PA as a Manager of Engineering, Projects. Formerly a Director of Engineering Projects for U.S. Steel, Keating brings nearly a decade of hands-on engineering acumen and project management experience with large-scale industrial projects.

Industrial Contracting Technology
Jun 22 2016

Technology Soars at Songer Services.

From innovative industrial job inspection techniques using the latest flying camera drone technology, to the deployment of state-of-the-industry project management, 3D modeling software and continuously improving post outage reporting, Songer Services intelligently integrates new technology to save time, improve safety, manage projects -- and ultimately -- reduce costs dramatically for our client partners.

Emergency Steel Manufacturer Maintenance
Mar 7 2016

Songer Goes To Serbia: Collapsed Sinter Conveyor Puts Steelmaking Operation In Jeopardy.

A shriek of metal and gears as a vital conveyor system fails within a steel plant in Radnic, Serbia. The collapse means critical downtime and significant emergency outage repairs for one of southeastern Europe’s leading producers of tin, steel and hot and cold rolled steel products. Their solution? Call an American company 5,000 miles away to do the job right.

Trademarked Construction Safety Procedures
Feb 15 2016

When Your Industrial Safety Protocols Set A Unique Standard, Consider A Trademark.

When we think of trademarks, patents and copyrights, we usually think of well-known brands, inventions or published works. So how unique must a company’s safety procedures really be to consider a trademark for those protocols? Songer Services provides insight into their trademarked M.A.P.™ (Make Accidents Preventable) safety program.